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Why I am Qualified?
Experience and Training
I am qualified to BA in Counselling, with a Foundation Degree in Person Centred Counselling. I am a qualified Nurse, having worked within the NHS. I have experience of working in primary schools as a Teaching Assistant and hence am very aware of the diversity of people no matter their age and gender. I have a wealth of personal experience to draw upon, whether your issues are of an emotional, physical, or psychological nature.
Although my base is Person Centred, I have training in many areas including: anxiety, depression, suicide, bereavement, mindfulness, self harm, self esteem, dissociative identity disorder, autism, stress relief, sexual abuse and anger. 
I have much experience in bereavement, end of life issues, effects of trauma and suicide. I will be available to listen and can take on board distress that you feel you have to protect those closest to you from. Using my Supervision to its best effect, I am continually updating my training requirements and networking with other counsellors and professionals to ensure I am current and capable. 
Job role experience I have is Bereavement Counselling at Solihull Bereavement Counselling Service, as a volunteer. Also I have worked as a volunteer placement student at Coventry and Warwickshire NHS trust in IAPTS, with clients experiencing anxiety and depression. These life experiences many of us will go through within our lives, but having someone there to support us can be the most meaningful thing, restoring our confidence in our self and realising there is nothing wrong in asking for help.
I currently offer Supervision to students, volunteers or qualified counsellors. We will work together to fulfil requirements for your regulatory body; work/educational organisation and your own personal needs.
Having experienced counselling of different types personally (after all, how can I advocate its use and effectiveness without this), I understand what I needed and will use my empathy to understand what you need; because often you don't know when you arrive.
Research Suggests:

'Our emotions are not always irrational even when we are experiencing anxiety or depression but are a natural response to past experiences: they may be a message we need to interpret rather than dismiss as negative and unwanted' Winterson 2011

'Belief in yourself can help you achieve what seem like impossible goals.' Positive Psychology​      

'The focus today is on decatastrophising the natural processes of anxiety rather than getting rid of the feelings. Removing unhelpful 'safety behaviours.' Sanders and Wills 2003

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