'It (counselling) has enabled me to explore different areas of my life and talk through how and why I was reacting to certain situations. Talking things through has been very helpful.'      KM

'Paula is very good at listening and then making a comment that will suddenly make you realise that sentence A and sentence B don't quite seem to fit!                                      AM


'I have felt my journey has been inspiring and gave me a real insight and awakened my senses. I feel more lol. Being brave and living in the moment.'                        GM

'This experience has been very positive for me, enabling me to reflect on the blockers in my decision making and to understand my own value and strengths.'        AS

'The exercises were some of the most helpful sessions. Thank you!'


'Paula is professional, non-judgemental and encouraging and she has helped me to make significant progress in my life.'




'Paula enabled me to disentangle the 'ball of string' of my feelings that were so tightly wound together I couldn't move forward on anything and was very anxious and sad. I now feel that I can move forwards with a growing sense of hope and optimism.'                                                       SR

All testimonials reproduced with permission from the author.

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